How a Probate Lawyer Can Help Validate Your Will in Court

When a person passes away, their personal possessions must go through the court system. This process is called probate and when it is determined how the deceased individual’s estate is distributed to family members. According to most state laws, the direct family members such as spouse, children, parents or siblings should inherit their property depending on the family structure they have. Unless a will has been established to document the final wishes of the deceased individual. At this time, the will is placed before the court to determine if the will is valid. A probate lawyer in Moline, IL area can help ensure the validity of the will by creating a legal document and retaining possession of the paperwork until the individual passes away.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

  • They know and understand the legal aspects of creating a valid will that lessens the risk of the document being disputed in court.
  • A probate lawyer in Moline, IL can help with the decision process of determining the estate representative.
  • An attorney can provide the legal evidence that the will is the last testament of the deceased person and it contains their final wishes.
  • The lawyer can help the estate representative in gaining possession of the property and distributing it to the beneficiaries.
  • They can assist in liquidating any property that is to be split between more than one beneficiary.

Ensure Your Will Stays Valid by Consulting an Attorney Today

There are endless documents available on the internet today that people can use to document their final wishes. However, without the correct wording and notarization, the will can be deemed invalid and the property is distributed according to the state laws. David J. Franks Attorney at Law offers the legal services required to ensure your will is valid and to assist the representative in distributing your property.

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