Reviewing Circumstances With An Employee Rights Lawyer In Lafayette, LA

In Louisiana, state and federal laws apply in terms of employee rights. All employers are required by law to enforce the rights of all workers through company policies. Any violation of the laws could lead to a legal claim against the employer. An Employee Rights Lawyer in Lafayette LA could assist workers whose rights were violated.

The Right to Avoid Discriminatory Actions

Under state laws, all applicants who submit an application for any jobs have the legal right to expect consideration based on merit. According to discrimination laws, the employer cannot discriminate against applicants based on race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, or national origin. Any employer that refuses to hire an applicant for any of these reasons is in violation of federal laws and could become the defendant in a lawsuit.

The Right to Workplace Privacy

Under employee privacy laws, the employer must provide a secured location for employees to place any of personal possessions they bring to the workplace. The items include but are not limited to purses, wallets, cellular devices, and briefcases. The employer must provide a locker and a key for the lock to the employee directly to secure the items.

Consent for Criminal Background or Credit Checks

It is a violation of federal laws for an employer to conduct a criminal background check or credit assessment for any applicant without legal consent. The employer must provide the worker with a document informing the worker of their legal rights and allow the applicant or worker to give consent without coercion.

Sexual Harassment and Open Door Policies

All employers must issue company policies against sexual harassment and provide all workers information about actions that constitute the offenses. All workers must have access to a supervisor to report any allegations of sexual harassment through an open door policy.

In Louisiana, federal and state employee rights are enforced to keep workers safe in any work environment. The companies must provide policies that lower the chances of discrimination, sexual harassment, or workplace offenses. Workers who need legal assistance from an Employee Rights Lawyer in Lafayette LA can visit for more details or to schedule an appointment today.

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