Reviewing Circumstances With A Slip And Fall Injury Attorney in Davie, FL

In Florida, premises liabilities present serious risks to visitors who enter the property. State laws require property owners to mitigate risks that could lead to a visitor-related injury. A failure to prevent accidents leads to possible lawsuits. A slip & fall injury attorney in Davie, FL represents visitors who are injured due to a property owner’s failures.

What Caused the Victim to Fall?

The type of hazard that caused the victim’s fall could determine if the property owner is liable. For example, if a party other than the property owner caused the hazard, it is possible to dismiss the claim. The property owner must know about the hazard as well.

Who was Responsible for the Property?

The individual who was responsible for the property is liable for any accidents that occur on their watch. For example, a store manager must mitigate risks for their customers on an ongoing basis. Workers must be trained to find potential hazards and eliminate the risk. A failure to maintain a safe property makes the manager more liable than the property owner.

Reviewing the Victim’s Injuries

A review of the victim’s injuries determines if the victim has a viable case against the property owner. Minimal injuries are managed through an insurance claim. If the victim sustains serious injuries, it is necessary to file a legal claim to get full compensation for their financial losses.

Preparing for a Legal Claim

When preparing for the legal claim, the victim must acquire evidence to support their claim. Their attorney files a motion to get surveillance footage of the victim’s accident. The victim’s medical records outline their injuries and what type of care they need. Invoices for their medical care explain the full financial loss.

In Florida, premises liabilities are caused by hazards around or inside a property. Owners who fail to mitigate the risks are held liable if the visitors become injured. Slip and fall injuries are a result of slippery walkways or other tripping hazards. Victims of premises liabilities contact a slip & fall injury attorney in Davie, FL through The Blaut Weiss Law Group for an appointment or a consultation right now.

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