Construction Accident Lawyers in Milwaukee, WI: What to Know

If you were injured on a construction site, you should know that there are special laws in place to help you. In Wisconsin, any construction site worker has the right to be healthy and safe while working. When you become injured at your workplace, you can make a claim against those who were responsible. However, this is anyone other than the employer. On top of that, you can collect your workers’ compensation benefits from the company you work for.

Of course, you need a professional to fight for you. Construction accident lawyers in Milwaukee, WI have likely handled hundreds of similar cases. They know that the first thing you should do is to get checked out by a doctor and take care of medical needs. However, that can costs several thousands of dollars. The lawyer can ensure that the responsible party is made to pay those bills in order to prevent you from suffering financially. Their insurance company is going to have to pay for your current bills relating to the accident, as well as any future treatments you may need.

It is imperative to understand, though, that there is a time frame involved. This is called the statute of limitations, and it will vary based on your specific injury and other factors. Phillips, Cymerman & Stein understand the law and what it takes to help you. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that a trained lawyer will review your case and situation to determine what is best for you. This can all be discussed during a free consultation. Plus, if you choose to work with this law firm, no fees should be payed if you don’t receive compensation.

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