Proper Way to Hire Estate Planning Lawyer in Staunton

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Attorney

There are two certainties in life: death and taxes. If a person wants to protect everything they have worked for, they should speak with an estate planning lawyer in Staunton. This estate planning attorney will be able to structure the estate to reduce the total amount of taxes the individual needs to pay, all the individual needs to do is screen the lawyers that offer these estate planning services to determine which estate planning lawyer in Staunton is the top choice. Start by listing all the different attorneys that provide these services. As the names of these lawyers are gathered, the individual can begin the review.

Key Questions to Address When Screening Prospective Estate Planning Lawyers

There are a couple of important questions an individual must address when trying to select the most suitable estate planning lawyer in Staunton. Start by determining how long each of the attorneys has been practicing law in and around Staunton. The longer they have been providing these services, the more qualified they “should” be. After identifying the lawyers that have been practicing law for a considerable number of years, the individual will need to find out which of these attorneys has the greatest number of satisfied clients.

Simplest Way to Assess the Suitability of the Estate Planning Lawyer

The best way to find reviews of the estate planning lawyer in Staunton is by looking online for testimonials left by former clients. These testimonials can be located on the website belonging to the attorney in review. If there are no testimonials, a person could look on social networking websites for these reviews. Once an individual has located the estate planning lawyer in Staunton with the largest number of positive comments, they can move forward and meet with them. During the preliminary conversation, the attorney will explain the process and fees associated with it. After reviewing all of these items, an individual should be able to make an informed decision on how to proceed. Since death can happen at any time, it would be wise to begin the due diligence now while the person has both the time and ability to do the research.

By taking these proactive steps, a person can protect their estate from going through probate, which can be time consuming and expensive. Just make sure that the estate planning lawyer working on the file is experienced, and there should be no problems.

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