A Civil Trial Law Firm in Chicago Can Help with a Class Action Lawsuit

by | Feb 13, 2021 | Lawyers

Class action lawsuits are those where a group of individuals who’ve been injured by an action or a product sue a defendant in a group fashion. These suits are also referred to as MDL (multi district litigation) or MTL (mass tort litigation). People bring class action suits when injuries are caused by products such as motor vehicles, prescription drugs and medical devices. If a person is injured by a product or entity and they believe that others are in a similar situation, they should talk to a civil trial law firm in Louisiana who knows how to represent groups in a class action lawsuit in Chicago.

Notice to Class Members

Anyone affected by a court decision in the matter is eligible to receive notice that action is pending. Although it is impractical to provide notice to every class member, everyone who may be affected is entitled to it. Courts order that a representative and his/her attorney should make reasonable attempts to notify class members through avenues such as newspaper ads, TV commercials and posted flyers.

Those who are notified can visit Zimmerman Law Offices, P.C. and either opt in or opt out of the class action suit. In some circumstances, people cannot opt out. If a class action is filed over injuries caused by a defendant, all people in similar situations are automatically part of the class and must accept the case’s outcome. Class action lawsuits involve significant research, and attorneys work to assemble evidence that a defendant’s conduct or product harmed the entire class.

Benefits of Class Action Suits

The primary benefit of a class action suit is its inherent efficiency. Class action suits handle hundreds of claims at the same time, which may be impractical to litigate separately. Judges decide who wins, with consideration for the whole group. If the defendant is successful, the case is dismissed, and everyone in the group is barred from filing a suit over the same matter. If the plaintiffs win, the court holds the defendant liable, and the recovery amount is divided amongst class members.
In class action cases, court decisions apply to everyone who is part of the class, through inclusion or opt-in. Everyone who fits the court’s definition of class membership is bound by its decision, whether or not they and their civil trial law firm in Chicago go to court or become part of the lawsuit.

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