Other Than Hiring a DUI Lawyer in Angola Indiana, How Much Does a DUI Cost?

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Lawyers

A person can significantly reduce their chances of a conviction and of receiving the maximum penalties for a DUI in many cases by working with a DUI lawyer in Angola, Indiana. However, unless the charges against them are dismissed, they are going to need to pay quite a bit to handle the DUI charge. The amount they’ll pay will vary based on their situation, but the average is around $6,500.

1. Fines After a Conviction – If a person is convicted of a DUI, they might be required to pay fines as part of their penalties. These can vary depending on whether the person has been convicted of a DUI in the past and the severity of the charge against them. Those who have an extremely high blood alcohol content level or who caused an accident will likely pay more.

2. Further Driving Education – As part of the penalties a person might face, they may be required to attend a driver’s education course designed for those who have received a DUI. They must pay for these classes on their own.

3. Fees for Towing and Storage of the Vehicle – When the person is arrested, their vehicle will be towed unless there is someone sober who can drive it home for them. If the vehicle is towed, they will need to pay the fees for both towing and storing the vehicle before they can have the vehicle returned to them. These fees add up to quite a bit as the storage rates are usually charged on a daily basis.

4. Insurance Increases – The majority of insurance companies are going to see drivers with a DUI conviction as a liability. If a person is convicted of a DUI, they can expect their insurance rates to go up significantly, if they’re allowed to stay on the same insurance plan. They might need to look for new insurance, which will be higher than what they were paying before the arrest.

These are just some of the expenses a person will need to face to get past the DUI charges against them. Some, like the towing and storage fees, apply even if the charges are dismissed, while others can be lowered or eliminated by working with a DUI lawyer in Angola, Indiana. To learn more or to get help with your DUI charges, contact the law firm of Yoder & Kraus today.

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