Managing Claims For Construction Accidents In Kent County

In Michigan, state code 600.585-10 defines a three-year statute of limitations for all construction zone injuries. The laws require all victims of associated injuries to file a legal claim before the third anniversary of their accident. A local attorney provides assistance for any involving the public.

What are the Requirements for Construction Zones?

All construction zones must have signs leading up to the work area. The signs must have letters that are at least ten inches in height and clearly visible to all local residents. The zone itself must have barriers that prevent outsiders from entering the area unlawfully. A failure to comply with regulations deems the construction company liable.

Who Manages the Enter of the Work Site?

The foreman managing the crew is responsible for the entire work site. The supervisor must mitigate common risks throughout the entire workplace. Hazards that could lead to visitor injuries must be reviewed and remedied on a continuous basis. The foreman must also prevent visitors from entering restricted areas in which risks are considerably higher.

Does Trespassing Apply in These Cases?

Yes, any victim that was injured while trespassing isn’t eligible for compensation. Laws prevent victims from securing compensation for injuries that were ultimately their fault. Any criminal act forfeits the victim’s rights to file a lawsuit, and their case will be dismissed upon the discovery of the crime.

What is Required When Explosives are Used?

All construction companies that utilize explosives in their projects must issue a notice on the newspaper. The notice must identify the exact time and date in which the explosives will be used. Signs must be positioned around the work area warning the public of the potential risks. The construction company must conduct a search of the entire workspace before igniting the explosives.

In Michigan, state laws define the requirements of construction zones and risk mitigation. The statute of limitations identifies the time limit that the victim has when filing a claim. Any criminal act that led to the victim’s injuries forfeits all rights to compensation. Victims who need legal assistance after Construction Accidents in Kent County contact here right now.

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