How to Prepare for Working with Child Custody Lawyers in St. Charles, IL

by | Jan 9, 2018 | Lawyer

Pursuing child custody is a difficult process due to many emotions involved. When a person is pursuing the custody of a child, they can often feel overwhelmed and unable to think clearly. The emotions involved in the process often cause people to make poor decisions they later end up regretting. It is imperative that individuals do all they can to protect their rights and make sound decisions. This begins by working with child custody lawyers in St. Charles, IL.

How to Get Started

Before a person meets with child custody lawyers in St. Charles, IL, they need to make sure they gather as much information as possible. It is wise for a person to sit down and think about all of the important details, making sure to make careful notes. When individuals first meet with their lawyer, they can feel a little overwhelmed and even nervous, which can cause them to forget some of the important details. Having notes to refer to will make the meeting easier and more productive.

If there are any documents or pieces of evidence, these should be brought to the meeting. The more information and evidence a person can share with their lawyer, the better equipped the lawyer will be to help their client and form a solid case that will end favorably.

Understanding Illinois Child Custody Laws

The state of Illinois, just like other states, has its own child custody laws. The state recognizes the following in child custody cases.

* Children over 14 have the right to state what parent they want to live with.

* A child’s needs change over time.

* Both parents have rights to have access to a child’s official records.

* The custodial parent makes daily decisions on behalf of the child, including those needed to be made in an emergency.

Call Today to Get Started

Those in need of help with a child custody case should seek a lawyer right away. Contact The Cosentino Law Firm LLC and ask for a consultation appointment. They help individuals with their custody cases so they can receive the best possible outcome.

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