It’s Important To Have A Solid Domestic Violence Defense In Smithtown

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Lawyer

Many individuals consider a domestic dispute just that, a problem between two people that previously had some type of relationship. The fact is, domestic violence can be a civil and criminal charge. The criminal charge will remain on someone’s record if they’re convicted. A solid domestic violence defense in Smithtown will only be found by working with an experienced attorney. Most domestic violence cases stem from a divorce proceeding. One partner may feel very frustrated and upset that the other partner no longer wants to be in a relationship with them. One of the parties may want the house and custody of the children and claim they’ve been a victim of domestic violence to gain the upper hand.

Domestic violence in the State of New York can include:

  • Reckless endangerment.
  • Menacing.
  • Strangulation.
  • Criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation.
  • Harassment.
  • Sexual misconduct.
  • Sexual abuse.
  • Harassment.
  • Aggravated harassment.
  • Disorderly conduct.
  • And much more.

If someone is related by blood or marriage, is a current of a former spouse, co-parents of a child, or had an intimate relationship with the person they’re being accused by, they need a lawyer who’s experienced with domestic violence defense in Smithtown. Domestic violence today is taken very seriously, and a conviction can result in many years in prison when someone’s convicted of the crime. In addition to the criminal charges, a civil lawsuit is usually filed and the accused or convicted individual will have limited access to the accuser and possibly their children if they live with the accuser.

The claim of a domestic violence incident is usually lodged against another spouse when divorce or custody proceedings aren’t moving in the direction one of the spouses want them to. An attorney will review the evidence of the case and the history of the family. They will defend their client and paint them in the best possible light to the court. When the trial goes to court, an attorney will develop the knowledge they’ve gained about the parties that were involved and fought for the accused person’s rights.

Todd J. Zimmer & Associates have a lot of experience representing clients that have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence. They understand the impact a conviction can have on someone’s life.

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