Contact An Automobile Accident Attorney Before Settling With An Insurance Company

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Accident Lawyers

Injuries from an automobile accident come without any warning or ability to plan for the unexpected expenses that a victim has. Louisiana has some of the shortest statute-of-limitations in the country. If someone’s been injured due to the negligence of someone else, they only have one year to file a claim against them. If a lawsuit isn’t filed within the year, they will never have the opportunity to file a claim for medical bills, pain and suffering, or loss of wages they incurred as a result of an accident. After an accident has occurred, it’s important to speak with Automobile Accident Attorney as soon as possible.

With the short amount of time Louisiana gives a victim to file a claim, the insurance company will try to settle for an amount that is much less than many people are entitled to. Unless a victim has consulted with an Automobile Accident Attorney about their settlement, they should not settle. It’s important not to wait until the last several months before a lawsuit can be filed to speak with an attorney. If a settlement is not in the hands of a victim, they will not have the opportunity to file a claim against the insurance company if a year passes from the date of an accident.

It’s very important for a victim to seek medical treatment immediately after an accident. Time is of the essence when it comes to someone receiving injuries because of a negligent driver. It’s also important that a victim doesn’t give any statements to the police about their condition. Victims will often say they don’t need medical treatment. After they get home, and the adrenal rush has worn off, the pain from the accident will begin to set in. If they wait two or three days to seek medical treatment, this could affect their case with the insurance company.

A victim needs to understand that an insurance company has many attorneys working for them to limit the amount of compensation victims could receive. A victim needs an attorney fighting hard on their side to obtain a fair settlement. Personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. They will only receive payment for their services if they receive a settlement for the victim of an accident. For more information, please visit

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