If You Sustain Serious Injury, You May Need To Hire An Injury Lawyer

In the event, you are involved in an accident, and you sustain serious injuries, the knowledge and skills of experienced injury lawyers in Chicago IL can prove to be very beneficial. The fee that you must pay for representation is often well worth it; your case may be very complicated and involve complex rules and laws, or, the injuries you sustained may be such that the long-term prognosis is not good. In many cases, the negotiating skills of a lawyer are needed to negotiate a meaningful settlement with the insurance company.

Permanent or long-term injuries:

It could be difficult to calculate the worth of an insurance claim if you sustained long-term or permanent injuries. With years of experience behind them, injury lawyers can maximize the amount you are eventually awarded.

Severe injuries:

Although there are no hard and fast rules that govern compensation, the amount is normally determined by the severity of your injuries. A good measure of the severity of your injuries is your medical expenses, whether you can return to your previous type of employment and the length of time needed for full recovery.

As the potential amount of your award increases, so does the range of compensation. Skilled injury lawyers in Chicago IL know how to handle claims of this nature, making sure your award falls at the high end of the range.

Insurance companies are notorious for refusing to offer a fair settlement, or in some cases, any settlement at all. Having a lawyer advocate for you pays dividends. In most cases, all it takes for the insurance company to offer a reasonable settlement is the threat of court action. It is a fact that juries tend to favor the injured party in situations like this.

Injury lawyers in Chicago IL can help you get a fair and equitable settlement in the event you are injured through no fault of your own. To discuss your particular situation, contact the Shea Law Group. Follow us on twitter.

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