How to File a Claim for Whiplash

In order to file a whiplash claim, you should follow the filing directions on the back of an insurance card for reporting a car accident. As you talk to the call center rep who is taking the accident details, let her or him know that you’ve been injured. If your car accident claim already has been filed, call your insurance adjuster to inform him of the injury. The sooner you allow your insurance company to know of your injury, the better. Provide all information in regard to your injury at first contact, if you can.

Make a claim with your insurance company

If you’re filing a whiplash claim against an at-fault party’s insurance, you might be advised that you must also make an injury claim with the insurance provider. This is normal. Whiplash claims may be a long process, and you won’t obtain a settlement until you’ve completed treatment, which means none of your bills are going to be immediately paid. You still should seek and obtain the suitable medical care. Don’t delay care due to this. If you have enough coverage, your insurance provider may deal with paying your associated medical bills as they’re incurred then seek reimbursement from the at-fault insurance provider.

Insurance adjusters are going to follow up with you all throughout the whiplash claim. Offer updates during your claim process to keep them updated about your treatment and condition. When you finish treatment inform the adjuster then send a copy in of the log alongside all copies of receipts for out-of-pocket costs.

Negotiate with the adjuster

When you undergo the settlement process, you might have to negotiate with the adjuster. Don’t sign anything other than your medical authorization until you’re comfortable with your settlement amount. Though, the medical authorization is going to have to be signed, so the insurance provider may gather your medical records to back your claim up. As you’ve come to an agreement on the settlement, carefully read any documents over, sign then return them to get your compensation.

Contact our PIP Claim Lawyer in Florida

If the insurance adjuster isn’t cooperating or you feel you’re being unfairly treated during the whiplash claim, attempt to call the adjuster’s supervisor in order to settle the matter. If you still do not have the ability to make progress, speak to our PIP Claim Lawyer in Florida. Our personal injury lawyer will handle the insurance provider for you, and should have the ability to get to a favorable settlement with the provider.

For more information on our PIP Claim Lawyer in Florida, contact  Shuster & Saben LLC PIP and Personal Injury Lawyers today at 877-511-7829.

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