How Does a Personal Injury Law Firm Work?

One of the primary reasons why many people hesitate to call a personal injury law firm in Tamarac, FL when they are hurt during an accident is that they are concerned about finances. Often, people say that they simply can’t afford to pay a lawyer, especially at a time when they are injured. After all, many people lose out on significant income when they are hurt, and the medical bills may be significant. While there is no doubt that it can be stressful financially, money is no reason to avoid working with a lawyer. Most personal injury attorneys work with their clients so they can get the legal representation they need without paying any money in the beginning.

The type of contract that a personal injury lawyer and their client enter into is called a contingency contract. Essentially, this type of arrangement allows the client to officially hire the lawyer as their sole legal representative without having to write a check. The lawyer will take the case only if they feel strongly that it can be won, because they will receive no payment unless they win the case or secure a settlement for their client.

In a contingency fee contract, the client and the lawyer agree that when the case is settled in the client’s favor, the lawyer will automatically receive a percentage of that settlement. The amount of contingency fees will vary by area, by attorney and by specific case. In some cases, the lawyer will charge a lower contingency fee if the case is settled before going to court. While a client may have to pay a larger contingency fee if their case ends up in court, the fee is well worth it. Court awards are usually larger than settlements would have been.

Some people decide to argue with the insurance company themselves in an attempt to secure a settlement without having to pay legal fees. This usually backfires, because insurance companies don’t typically make reasonable offers to people who represent themselves.

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