Hire a Custody Lawyer in Douglasville to Help in Relocation Cases

Divorce brings significant changes in the lives of parents and children. In many cases, changes in finances and the need for additional support prompts a custodial parent to consider moving in order to create a more stable environment. The state places certain restrictions on custodial parents’ ability to relocate, as detailed below.

Relocation and Georgia Law

The state of Georgia puts strict limits on parental relocation after a divorce, and the requirements are even tighter if a parent wants to move before the divorce is final. If spouses with children have divorced and a parent wants to move out of the state, the party wishing to move must provide at least 30 days’ notice to the other parent. When the other party objects to the relocation, they may hire a custody lawyer in Douglasville to file a court position to block it.

Relocating Parents Fight an Uphill Battle

Based on Georgia law, judges can modify custody orders to place children with the non-relocating parent. Those wishing to move must offer proof that it will benefit the children and protect their interests. Such benefits may include:

* An improved economic situation and better quality of life for the children

* Better school systems or increased access to high-quality extra-curricular and educational activities

* An overall healthier environment for the child

* The child’s ability to maintain a relationship with the other parent through longer visitations, emails, phone calls, and social media

* A strong family support network

The Child’s Preferences

Georgia law gives children over 14 a significant say in where they want to live after a divorce. A teen’s wish to live with either parent can be controlling if the parent approves the change and is fit to care for the child. If children are 11-14, the court gives weight to their preferences, but they are not a determining factor.

Whether a parent wants to move to offer the child a better life or they wish to stop the other parent from relocating, they should hire a custody lawyer in Douglasville. The experienced team at Website Domain understands the many nuances of Georgia child custody law, and they’re ready to help.

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