Getting Ready for an Initial Visit to a Personal Injury Attorney

Being in a car accident can have a traumatic impact on a person’s life: it can result in an inability to work and perform many daily activities, and it can also adversely affect an accident victim’s personal relationships, professional relations, and mental state. To recover certain losses from being in an accident, it’s advisable to see a car accident attorney in Wichita. The following guidelines can assist in the preparation for this meeting.

Before an initial visit to a car accident attorney in Wichita, it’s important to completely and accurately fill out all client forms, which contain requests for information such as a person’s full legal name, address, marital status, place of employment and annual income. This questionnaire will likely request a person’s social security number and driver’s license number, but divulging all details is necessary so the attorney will have the information necessary in case he decides to take the person on as a client. Return these forms after the first visit in case the attorney wants to review them before the initial meeting.

Many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning that a client won’t have to pay any money up front for legal services, but, the lawyer will receive a percentage of any money the client recovers. Remember that an initial visit will be the time to present a case to the lawyer as clearly as possible, so during this visit the lawyer will be deciding whether he wants to take the car accident victim on as a client. Be ready to tell exactly what happened: it’s a good idea to write the sequence of events out in outline form, and you can practice reciting the incident to another person to get comfortable. Also, have a list of questions to ask the lawyer. It’s also imperative to bring all evidence of the car wreck to the first visit including pictures, videos, drawings, eyewitness accounts, eyewitness contact information, police reports, and pharmacy receipts taken for medicines related to the car accident.

By being prepared for an initial visit, a car accident victim will have a better chance of being accepted as a client, and it will also help the attorney learn about the case without having to muddle through irrelevant details. For information on personal injury services, disability, and estate planning.

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