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by | Dec 27, 2019 | Attorney

In today’s workplace, there are a lot of different types of companies employing various types of employees in and around Long Beach. Not all of these employees are full-time employees or those who are eligible for overtime, even if they work longer than their 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week.

Exempt or Non-Exempt

If you believe you are entitled to overtime and are not getting paid, talking to an unpaid overtime attorney is a good first step. Do not rely on information online that may be old, outdated, or incorrect. A short, free call to an unpaid overtime attorney can quickly determine if you are eligible for overtime in your job or if you are considered exempt.

As a general guideline, contract workers, salaried employees (those not paid an hourly wage), or those working for commissions are considered exempt. Sometimes, however, an employer incorrectly categorizes an employee to avoid paying overtime. An attorney can determine your employment status under California employment law.

Working Outside of Your Scheduled Hours

Some employers may demand employees do work “off the clock.” This may include coming in early, leaving late, or having to work through their breaks. If the employee is non-exempt and is required to do this additional work, he or she is eligible for overtime if they work more than 8 hours.

This is a complicated area of the law and one that some Long Beach employers use to their advantage. If you have concerns about your overtime pay, talk to an unpaid overtime attorney to determine your options.

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