Don’t Risk Your Workers Compensation Case- Be Represented!

by | Jan 31, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

A worker’s compensation lawyer in Cedar Rapids IA area puts your best interests first and they may be one of the only people that do. A work-related injury can start a snowball effect in your life. Employers can be difficult to deal with when you go for an asset to a liability. The worker’s compensation insurance adjuster usually is not too easy to deal with either. You are up against at best a difficult situation, at worst it can be a little hostile. A worker’s compensation lawyer in Cedar Rapids IA can be your best ally.

The Risk

When you are up against your employer and the insurance company and they are ready to prove that your claim is false, you are at risk of losing your case. A workplace injury is bad for everyone but for different reasons. It is bad for you, for obvious reasons, you were injured, you are not working, you are facing medical procedures and an unknown future. It is bad for your employer because it looks bad for the business when employees are hurt on the job, and of course, there can be penalties, fines and punitive damages that your employer is facing because of the injury. The insurance company, must pay, no one likes to pay. There is a lot at stake for all parties involved. It may be hard for you to prove your case on your own. Your employer and the insurance adjuster may:

  • Try to prove that you were at fault
  • Not stick to the facts
  • Convince other employees to make statements

It is not uncommon for an employer to put the blame on the employee for the injury. It is also not uncommon for the facts to become cloudy. There is a real risk if you are not represented by legal counsel that you will lose your case. Currie & Liabo Law Firm can help!

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