Debt Relief Attorneys in Gainesville, GA Who Can Help Ease Your Financial Burden

According to 2015 statistics that 80% of Americans were in debt, and in 2014 one-third of all Americans had delinquent debt. Obviously, debt is a reality in this country, and the probability of being in debt over one’s head is pretty likely. There are debt relief attorneys in Gainesville, GA who can help those individuals with debt problems get their financial affairs in order. Here are some ways in which clients can get relief.

Bankruptcies Are Viable Options

One of the most widely used ways of getting debt relief is for the client to file bankruptcy. There are two types of bankruptcies used by individuals: chapter 7 and chapter 3. With a chapter 7 bankruptcy, all possible unsecured debt is erased and the debtor is allowed to start fresh. Unfortunately, this means the debtor has to give up things such as their home and other possessions that have to be liquidated.

The Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The chapter 13 bankruptcy is a rather desirable option for many, as it allows the debtor to keep the home, car and other possessions. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is another term for reorganization of debt, and can even help debtors get back repossessed items. The courts usually supervise this type of bankruptcy by giving the debtor three years to pay debts.

Other Options for Debt Relief

The attorneys can also help clients with other debt relief issues such as how to stop foreclosures, garnishments, harassing phone calls from creditors and threatening letters from collections. Clients should not wait until their situation has gotten out of control. Instead, they should try to be proactive and consult with an attorney before the debt problem becomes overwhelming.

An Attorney Who Can Help

Clients who are looking for help from a debt relief attorney in Gainseville, Georgia could consider Chris Carouthers & Associates. The attorneys have more than 12 years of experience in assisting clients with debt relief options. In addition to debt relief, these attorneys also offer assistance in personal injury cases. For those potential clients who are interested, debt relief attorneys in Gainesville, GA are available in the form of Chris Carouthers. To get more information and schedule a free consultation, visit

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