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by | Mar 7, 2019 | Lawyers and Law Firms

The majority of people think that if a person is convicted of a crime, then they have committed that crime. However, the reality is that many innocent people go to prison for crimes they did not commit. Although many attorneys prepared for the trial, many defendants still fall victim to incorrect rulings. When this occurs, the defendant has only 30 days to hire an appeals lawyer and file an appeal.

Appeals Process

The purpose of an appeal is to determine if the lower court made an error in any of its rulings. The appeal can either reverse the ruling or have the court retry the case.

The appeals process is fairly simple. Within 30 days of the criminal conviction, appellate attorneys in Orlando will file a Notice of Appeal.

After the Notice and all the paper has been filed by the appeals lawyers, the appellate court will review the decisions of the lower court and make a ruling. Occasionally the appeals lawyers will be asked to present oral arguments in front of the court.

A decision by the court is made by a panel of judges. A written notice is then be sent to the lawyers stating their opinion.

An appellate mediation is not available for criminal cases. It is only available for civil cases. However, for civil cases, appellate mediation provides a fast and reliable way for the parties to resolve the issues amicably. If the parties cannot agree at the mediation, then the appeal will continue with the appeals court.

Criminal appeals have a very short timeframe and should only be handled by a licensed attorney. Halscott Megaro is a licensed attorney who handles criminal and civil appeals. If you or a family member has been convicted of a crime, then contact an appeals lawyer immediately to determine if the case can be appealed.

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