Avoid These Mistakes With the Help of a DWI Lawyer in Rockwall TX

by | Nov 2, 2016 | DUI- DWI Attorney

When a person is arrested for DWI, certain behaviors can complicate the case and cast doubt on their reliability, intent, and credibility. Those facing DWI charges should avoid the five activities listed here, or risk negatively affecting the case.

Talking About the Case Online

As tempting as it may be to vent, clients of a lawyer in Rockwall TX should not discuss charges on social media. Nothing ruins a case faster than bragging on Facebook, and contrary to widely held beliefs, prosecutors can access profiles regardless of privacy settings. The best approach is to be careful and not to mention the arrest online.

Continued Partying

A client’s goal prior to a DWI hearing or trial is to avoid drawing attention to themselves via public intoxication and other activities. This is particularly true in a small town like Rockwall, where negative perceptions can spread quickly. As difficult as it can be, clients should limit drinking until the case is concluded.

Driving on a Suspended License

If a defendant violates the license suspension or other court-imposed terms, they can face very steep fines, a lengthy jail sentence, a longer license suspension or even revocation. It’s not worth the risk, and clients of a lawyer in Rockwall TX should not drive until they are cleared to do so.

Failure to Appear

If a client does not show up for assigned court dates, the judge will issue a bench warrant and the client will not be able to bond out before trial. This puts a permanent blemish on the client’s record, and it influences the court’s reception of the case. Failing to appear in court can affect future cases, and it makes it less likely that the client will be treated leniently.

Not Hiring an Attorney

A client may be able to handle his or her own defense, but failing to hire legal counsel can ruin a case. The technical aspects of court dates, administrative suspensions, and local traffic laws can be confusing for non-lawyers, even under the best of circumstances. When they Click Here to hire an attorney with the Law Offices of Tim Hartley, the client gains a courtroom advocate who can cross-examine an arresting officer and increase the chances of a favorable outcome.

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