Assessing the Requirements with a Divorce Attorney in Milwaukee, WI

In Wisconsin, divorce petitioners must make choices about the end of their marriage. These choices are reflected in the divorce agreement. They must arrive at an amicable resolution that they and their spouse agree upon to achieve an uncontested divorce. A divorce attorney in Milwaukee, WI helps petitioners navigate through these proceedings.

Identifying Appropriate Divorce Grounds

The petitioner may choose any divorce ground that applies to their case. However, the most commonly-used divorce ground is an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. These grounds don’t identify any fault for either party. However, fault-based divorce grounds are available. The petitioner may use these fault-based grounds, but they must present clear evidence of their allegations. Typically, fault-based grounds are acquired if either party stands to benefit by making this selection.

Understanding Property Division

Property division must be equal and provide each party with the same value. For example, either party may receive the marital home. However, the other party must receive an equal share of other assets with this assignment. The parties may also get protection that takes any property owned prior to the marriage out of the equation.

Child Custody and Support Arrangements

Child custody is typically determined according to the relationship with the child as well as any risks present. The most common arrangements are joint custody assignments. They provide each party with the same decision-making power. They also provide equal time with the children. Sole custody is provided when one party is a risk to the child’s welfare.

Why Is Alimony or Palimony Awarded?

Alimony or palimony is awarded when a spouse’s earning potential is considerably lower than their spouse’s. The length of the marriage can determine the type of spousal payments awarded. The payments are based on the opposing spouse’s income and a reasonable need for support.

In Wisconsin, divorce petitioners review their options when preparing for a divorce. As they make their assets, the petitioner must consider choices that could achieve an uncontested divorce. When necessary, mediation is provided to help the couple settle their differences. Petitioners who need to hire a divorce attorney in Milwaukee, WI can get more information here now.

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