A Traffic Attorney in Orange, VA Helps Clients Avoid the Worst Consequences for Driving After License Suspension

by | May 18, 2018 | Accident Lawyers

When a driver receives too many traffic citations in a certain amount of time, the driver’s license will be suspended. This tends to be most common with citations for traveling faster than the posted speed limit. A conviction of reckless driving can also result in license suspension. In some cases, people keep driving without a valid license. What happens if they get caught? They may need a traffic attorney in Orange, VA to prevent the worst possible consequences.

Becoming Tempted to Drive

People become tempted to drive before they are eligible to get their license back for several reasons. They may not do this at first, but eventually, decide that sneaking off to the convenience store using residential back streets is unlikely to cause a problem. They become bolder over the next several weeks, figuring if they don’t violate any traffic laws, they’ll be safe. However, it doesn’t always work that way.

Possible Jail Time

In Virginia, this offense is a Class 1 misdemeanor. That might not sound so bad at first glance, but it can be associated with relatively steep penalties. In fact, judges have the discretion to sentence offenders to a full year in jail. Although this type of sentence is improbable, it should be clear now that some type of jail sentence is a serious risk.

Judges may make their decisions based on the defendant’s prior driving history and any criminal record, and even on demeanor in court. The driving history is already problematic. However, there may be even worse signs in the record. For instance, there may have been a conviction of driving under the influence some years back.

Monetary Penalties

A Class 1 misdemeanor can carry a monetary penalty as high as $2,500. Hiring a traffic attorney in Orange, VA for an affordable fee may save the individual a substantial amount of money.

Extension of Suspension

If convicted of this offense, the license suspension will be extended. If the person is caught a second time driving without a valid license, the penalties may be even worse. Having a team like Gayheart & Willis on the person’s side is advantageous. Find out more about us at our website.

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