5 Reasons to Use Medical Summaries for Attorneys

by | Jun 15, 2015 | Law

The basis of every claim for disability benefits is the medical record: a document that displays the details of a client’s health conditions and lays out the reasons that he or she cannot continue to work. Attorneys and law firms find themselves constantly inundated with these records, as there can be thousands of documents for a single case; however, the process of organizing these records does not need to be painful. A medical summary review service can create medical summaries for attorneys, resulting in the following benefits:

1. Build your case.

Accurate, dependable medical summaries are crucial to a successful case; they compile the information gathered from medical records and other documents and present them as empirical evidence to argue your client’s case. The data is shortened, sorted and arranged by type and categorized into subsections for easier viewing; furthermore, it can be organized chronologically to lay out the timeline of events that your client faced. All of this is essential in receiving the greatest possible compensation for your client.

2. Satisfy your clients.

When you are able to represent your clients effectively, you satisfy their needs and desires, thus bringing in revenue from two sources: the clients themselves, and the friends and relatives that they bring in to your business. The pathway to this kind of success stems from the use of medical summaries, which improve your winning record in court and help your clients along the way.

3. Save time for your employees.

The crucial reason to use a medical summary review service, rather than having your employees build medical summaries themselves, is to save time; your attorneys have numerous other tasks to do, which means that constructing a medical summary will take them longer because they are not specialized in this task. However, a review service makes creating medical summaries its sole priority, thus accomplishing the task faster and leaving your employees with more time to accomplish other tasks.

4. Increase profits for your business or firm.

When you have employees that have more free time (due to the fact that they no longer have to compile medical summaries), you can have each person take on more tasks individually, and thus reduce the amount of people working for you overall. This cuts costs, increasing profits for your business.

5. Improve your efficiency.

With medical summaries taken off of your hands, you can complete the remaining tasks in a shorter amount of time than before, as you will be more specialized in those tasks; this increased efficiency also results in an increase in profits, as you can accomplish more with the same amount of time.

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