3 Things a Social Security Attorney in Knoxville Can Do to Help Your Claim

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Law

If you’re recently disabled, you may need to file for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits or SSDI. While you don’t need to hire a Social Security attorney in Knoxville to file a claim, many people in similar situations do consult a lawyer. There are several ways your attorney can help make this claims process go more smoothly.

Improve Your Chances For an Approval

In many cases, the reasons that an SSDI claim is denied include improperly completed paperwork or missed deadlines. Your lawyer can help you fill out the paperwork properly, and they can help you gather the necessary documentation. Your attorney will also ensure you meet those deadlines to help you abide by all of the necessary requirements.

Negotiate For a Better Settlement

Your lawyer can also negotiate on your behalf. The Social Security Administration will offer a low settlement in the interests of saving as much money on your claim as possible. Your Social Security attorney in Knoxville will negotiate on your behalf to ensure you do receive a fair settlement for your disability coverage.

Appeal Your Denial

If your claim is denied for any reason, you’ll need to submit an appeal to keep your claim open. If you have previously hired a Social Security attorney in Knoxville, your lawyer will already be up-to-date on your claim history. This will save time in preparing your appeal. As a result, it will take less time to get your appeal reviewed and overturned.

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