You Need to Hire Your Own Divorce Lawyer in McMinnville, OR

A divorce can be e very tough time in your life; many researchers have found that divorces are sometimes as stressful as an actual mourning period. They’re so difficult because they combine the end of a romantic relationship with the end of financial entanglements, as well as a lot of legal considerations. All of that can be very overwhelming. The emotional stress of a divorce is compounded by the legal stress. If you can reduce the amount of legal stress, you can reduce the amount of emotional stress and make sure the divorce goes in a way that is more favorable to you. Some of the options you have are to hire an arbiter, hire your own lawyer, or hire one lawyer for you and your partner. The best option is to hire your own divorce lawyer.

Hire Your Own Lawyer

Some people choose a neutral arbiter or one lawyer to represent them and the other party. You shouldn’t do this. You need a divorce lawyer in McMinnville, OR who is solely committed to representing you. A neutral arbiter is only concerned with a quick resolution to your divorce proceedings; they’ll often push you to make concessions you do not want to make. Alternately, your personal lawyer will have your best interests at heart.

Lawyers at places such as Kinney & Brown PC will represent you and you alone. They will focus completely on getting you as much as you deserve.

Be Honest

The conditions for a divorce can change the way the divorce lawyer proceeds forward. They can also change how the assets and custody considerations are decided. That means you need to be completely honest with your attorney.

Attorney-client privilege says that they can’t ever tell anyone without your consent. That kind of complete honesty will allow them to build the best possible case on your behalf.

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