You Deserve to Receive Justice in Your Personal Injury Law Suit

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Personal Injury Lawyer

In a perfect world, everyone would act responsibly. People would not drink all night and then get behind the wheel. They wouldn’t allow their vicious dog to attack a child. They would fix what needed fixing before somebody got hurt.

The Biblical Roots of Personal Injury Law
Unfortunately, many people don’t act responsibly and innocent people are harmed. In fact, it appears that this has always been the case. The biblical law of Moses specified that certain acts, such as digging a pit and leaving it uncovered, would result in the perpetrator being civilly liable to compensate the injured person.

Throughout history, legal systems have held that when one person injures another, the injured person deserves compensation from the wrongdoer. At times, the restitution has been brutal, when the loss of an eye or hand could require the same from the one who caused the injury. More often, restitution meant money or something else of value.

Personal Injury Law Today
Modern justice systems have established that civil law suits are the means of seeking justice in your personal injury case. Since ancient times, law systems have also recognized that an injured claimant has the right to a lawyer to represent them. The legal system can be exceedingly complicated; and an experienced lawyer will make the process much easier and more productive. In 1999, the Insurance Research Council did a study and found that people injured in auto accidents and who were represented by attorneys received 40% larger settlements than those with similar claims who had no legal representation.

Scientific detective work is sometimes used to identify multiple causes of an accident. For example, if a truck fails to stop in time and hits a car, the fault could lie with a negligent driver, defective brakes, poor maintenance, or other factors. There can be more than one person or legal entity held liable for a single accident.

It is just as true today that you deserve to receive justice in your personal injury case, as it was for victims in earlier times. Don’t let the insurance company ignore your rights. The lawyers at the William D. McGillicuddy Law Office in Newburgh, NY have over 50 years of combined experience in injury cases. Clients will receive honest advice and guidance from these focused, hard working attorneys. Visit their website at to schedule a consultation.

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