Why You Need a Power of Attorney Lawyer in Highland Park

A POA or power of attorney is not so much a person as a formally written legal document. Experts would say that it is a document that lets you “appoint a person or organization to manage your affairs if you become unable to do so” yourself. Yet, most experts also agree that not all POAs are alike. Each has a specific amount of control or authority, and it is why you’ll always want a power of attorney lawyer in Highland Park to help you draft yours.

The Different POAs

The person named in any POA is also called an “attorney in fact” and is given authority to make decisions or take actions on your behalf. They can be a “general” power of attorney with very far-reaching authority. This might mean they have the authority to handle all of your financial affairs, and can even operate your business or settle claims for you. The “special” power of attorney has specific powers assigned to them, which the document names. For example, if you are unable to handle something (due to health reasons, for instance), you can have a special POA that lets the individual or organization named handle business transactions or manage the personal property.

Medical POAs

There are also “health care” POAs given the ability to make medical choices for you should you become mentally incompetent or otherwise unable. They are not the same as a living will, but there is some overlap that your lawyer can help you understand. There is also a “durable” POA that enables the individual or organization named that can go into effect if you become mentally incompetent because of an accident or illness. This one can give general, special or medical authority and it remains in effect until your condition changes. Many people with illnesses assign a durable POA when they learn about their condition, and even select a doctor to determine whether or not they are mentally competent.

When You Need a POA Lawyer

Do you need a power of attorney lawyer in the Highland Park area? If so, the team at Orlowsky & Wilson, Ltd. can help. Noted as a premier, Chicago area estate planning, and business law firm, they operate throughout the state of Illinois and share their many decades of expertise helping clients with business and personal legal needs – including any sort of power of attorney requirements.

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