Why Should People Know Drunk Driving Law in St. Charles MO?

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

A person that has been arrested for DUI is probably nervous, scared, embarrassed, and it’s probably more than a little annoying. In some cases, people who are arrested for this crime will not remember anything, at least until the next morning. Fortunately, most drivers have about a month until their first court date, which is more than enough time to sort out his or her thoughts and figure out a plan of attack. While it is true that each person can breathe a sigh of relief after being arrested, it is crucial to plan out any subsequent actions. The most important one is hiring a person who understand Drunk Driving Law in St. Charles MO.

In most DUI cases, the offender’s license will be suspended. Immediately hiring a DUI lawyer can help ensure that the driver’s license is reinstated quickly. The lawyer will be able to file a petition to rescind the order, which must be filed 31 days before the cutoff date. It’s a deadline that comes very quickly, and one that people will not want to miss. The lawyer hired will be able to properly take care of this, allowing the driver to feel better knowing that they are doing his or her best to improve the driver’s case.

The sooner a lawyer is hired, the longer the case has to be built, according to Drunk Driving Law in St. Charles MO. The arresting officer may have had a camera on their dashboard, nearby security cameras may have been recording, and so on. If a person hires a lawyer in a timely manner, he or she will be able to request copies of these videos before they record over the video. This small task is monumental is building a better defense.

Also, the sooner a person talks to a lawyer, the better his or her memory of the arrest should be. When hiring a DUI lawyer, be advised that he or she will ask a series of questions to better understand why you were arrested. People will have a much stronger case if they can provide their lawyer with a clear idea of what happened. Browse our website for more details.

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