When You’re Charged With A Drug Offense, Contact A Drug Lawyer In Saint Paul, MN Quickly

by | Jan 6, 2015 | Criminal Defense Attorney

Drug laws in Minnesota are very strict. Almost all drug-related crimes carry some type of a prison sentence. If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, even for marijuana possession, contact a Drug Lawyer in Saint Paul MN quickly. The amount and type of drugs you’re arrested for will determine what your punishment is. If you don’t have an experienced drug lawyer on your side fighting for you, you could end up in prison for several years.

Drug crimes not only carry prison sentences, they can also carry hefty fines and other penalties. Even if it’s your first drug charge, the penalties still can include prison time. Do not talk to the police when you’re arrested. Any information you give to them could jeopardize your chances for a proper legal representation. Immediately call an attorney. Anything you have to say can be said to your attorney, and the attorney can speak for you.

Relying on a public defender to represent you is not always the best option. Although for some individuals they offer free representation, they are overwhelmed with their heavy caseloads. When you hire a private attorney, they base their business and reputation on winning cases and getting the best outcome for their clients. There are many options available for a defense when you hire an experienced Drug Lawyer in Saint Paul MN, so carefully explore your options before making decisions.

When you’re convicted of a drug crime, it can affect your housing, financial aid for school, and even prohibit you from ever owning a gun. The law is very broad on violence and includes drug charges as part of violence. Even if you’ve never been arrested for any type of domestic violence or assault, you’ll still be prohibited from owning a gun. This would include for hunting weapons as well.

Don’t let your future be ruined. Hire an experienced drug attorney like Brandt Criminal Defense Law. Their many years of experience in the criminal justice system will get you the best possible outcome for your case. They can handle your case from start to finish. If you’re interested in reading about their experience and some of their winning drug cases, visit Brandtdefense.com.





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