What to Know About Seeing a Lawyer for Bankruptcy in Glendale AZ

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Lawyers

Many people have been experiencing financial hardship due to the uncertain state of the economy. Outsourcing, underemployment, unemployment, stagnant wages, rising consumer prices, and increasing interest rates have all lead to people owning more money than they have coming into their respective households. When this occurs, people will have to make tough decisions. By learning how to file for bankruptcy, a person can make a fresh financial start in life.

People who file for bankruptcy are declaring their inability to pay their lenders. A debtor can be a person or business entity. It’s necessary to make an appointment with a bankruptcy lawyer to determine if a person qualifies for this legal status. The initial meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer will probably be free. However, a person should be ready to pay for this consultation. Also, they should be ready to give information to the lawyer in an organized manner. Because law offices are often places of tradition, they should dress appropriately. This does not mean a person has to buy new clothes, but he or she should avoid wearing tattered clothing.

All client forms should be filled out prior to an initial visit with a Bankruptcy in Attorney Glendale, AZ. The client will have to give information such as his social security number, place of employment, marital status, and yearly income. Some questions may seem a bit personal. However, a lawyer will need to know why the person has gotten into debt so he or she can prepare a case to the federal bankruptcy judge.

The client should bring all forms and documents to the initial meeting. These should be organized into folders. He or She should also bring his income tax states for the last three years and also bring all written or verbal communication with lenders. A bankruptcy lawyer will need to look at the person’s attempt to pay present bills so verify that a good faith attempt is being made to pay the bills.

By learning about the bankruptcy process, you can make a new start in life. There is no shame in this. For more information on bankruptcy, click here.

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