What to Expect If You’ve Been Charged with a Drug Crime in Mankato, MN

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Attorney

Finding yourself as a focus of a criminal investigation can be scary. One of the most important decisions that can be made at this time is to retain the services of an attorney to represent your interests through this process.

Find the Right Attorney

The first thing that must be determined is the type of attorney that is best suited for the case. The term ‘criminal law’ covers a large number of offenses. The possible consequences for breaking a law vary greatly depending on the type of crime that the defendant is being accused of and the severity of the offense. There is also a difference if the case is being prosecuted by the state/county level or the federal level. There are several different areas that lawyers can concentrate on; here are a few together with examples.

  • White-collar crime includes offenses such as embezzlement, accounting fraud, and tax evasion.
  • Violent crime includes armed robbery, assault, and murder.
  • Drug crime in Mankato, MN refers to possession with intent to deliver and manufacturing.
  • Sex crimes include rape, sexual assault, and sexual misconduct.

Right to Have an Attorney

When a suspect is arrested, they have the right to be represented by an attorney. If the defendant is not in the financial position to retain an attorney, they will be appointed an attorney. This attorney is called a public defender. There is a misconception that because the plaintiff is not paying for the attorney that they will not get the best legal representation. The issue is not that the attorney is not passionate about the law, or that the case will not be defended properly. The issue is that they do not have the chance to choose an attorney that concentrates in the type of charges that they are facing. For example, an attorney that handles divorce may not be the best attorney to represent you in an aggravated assault case.

There are several stages of the legal process that you will have to go through. The role of the attorney will be different at each stage. If you have pending legal issues, an attorney can be the deciding factor between your freedom and a prison sentence. If you are charged with a drug crime in Mankato, MN, call Blatzlawminnesota.com.

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