What Info Will Your Workers Compensation Attorney in Suffolk County, NY Need?

If you think a visit to a Workers Compensation Attorney in Suffolk County NY, may be in your near future, you probably want to be as well prepared as possible. Workers comp situations can be extremely complex, and the situation may be even more difficult if you are still working at the same employer where you got injured. Any workers comp case has to be handled with care, so it is important you are discreet and that you don’t talk about the case except with your lawyer.

Keep every single piece of paperwork you are given if it relates to your injury because your Workers Compensation Attorney in Suffolk County NY will need to see it. This includes accident reports, doctor bills, hospital bills, doctor excuses, and all your most recent paycheck stubs. If you have missed work because of your injury, it is important that you document every missed hour of work as this is included in your damages. If you have missed out on other activities because of your injury, even if they are extracurricular activities, make a note of this and mention it to your lawyer. You may also be able to include this loss in your damages.

It may be helpful for you to make a list of all the ways the injury has impacted your life. How has your life changed since you got hurt? What are you no longer able to do? Are you forced to hire extra help for things you once did yourself? Show this list to your lawyer, and ask them about including these damages as well. Your lawyer is interested in getting you the largest amount of money possible, so they will certainly want to see all your damages.

If you need an experienced workers comp lawyer in the Suffolk County area, give Gilbert Blaszcyk and Milburn LLP a call. This law firm is staffed by three highly experienced attorneys who can guide you through your workers comp case from beginning to end. If you want to have the best odds of getting the money due to you, a lawyer is always your best choice. Visit us for more information.

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