What a Personal Injury Attorney in St Johns County Can Do for Clients

Accidents happen to people every day in the world, and a lot of times those accidents are not the fault of the person who is injured. At such times, the injured person has a legal leg to stand on where a personal injury lawsuit can be filed against the party causing the accident and injury. A Personal Injury Attorney in St Johns County advises and helps clients who have suffered a personal injury of some type. Here are some things that injured parties need to know about personal injury law in St Johns County.

Understanding the Statute of Limitations
An injured claimant needs to understand that only two years from the date of the accident and injury are allowed in which to file a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court. If the claimant fails to meet that deadline, any chances of having the lawsuit heard may be gone, as well as the opportunity to be awarded damages. If the party causing the injury was an agent of any part of the government, a formal claim must be filed within six months of the accident and injury.

More about Personal Injury Law
When it comes to filing the lawsuit, the insurance company of the other party may claim that the injured claimant is partly responsible for the accident and injury that occurred. This is known as the modified comparative fault rule and states that if the injured party is found to be any percentage at fault, that percentage will be deducted from any damages awarded. If the injured party is found to be more than 50 percent at fault for the accident and injury, no damages will be awarded.

Who to Call for Personal Injury Representation
There are many lawyers in every state who represent clients with personal injury cases. The Canan Law are attorneys in Canan Law who advise and represent clients with personal injury issues. If any are in need of a Personal Injury Attorney in St Johns County, the attorneys are available and can be reached at their website .

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