Top Reasons to Hire a Dui Attorney

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Attorney

Arrested for DUI? Drunk driving is a serious crime in the United States. DUI attorneys are highly-educated professionals who are bound by an ethical code and maintain legal privilege. They are considered officers of the court. They must pass the bar exam and be sworn as an officer of the court to uphold the duties of that office. Here the top reasons to hire a DUI attorney in San Antonio.

1. Get Your DUI Charge Dropped: Although a DUI lawyer cannot guarantee that your case will be dismissed, there are circumstances when dismissal is a possibility. Even with a DUI conviction, you are innocent until proven guilty.

2. Keep Things Confidential: A DUI lawyer cannot disclose the details of your case with anyone except you. She or he cannot reveal your written or oral statements to anyone, including your family members, employer, friends or anyone else, without your consent.

3. Negotiate a Plea Bargain: Your DUI lawyer can negogiate a plea bargain. Each state has different laws, fines, and penalties when it comes to a DUI conviction. Plea bargaining is an art form that involves a combination of legal knowledge and experience. A DUI attorney can also help you reduce or avoid jail time.

4. Avoid Serious Consequences: A DUI charge carries serious consequences. Your insurance rates may go up. The state may take your driver’s license. A DUI conviction may also show up when a potential employer runs a background check on you. You may even lose your freedom.

Don’t let one mistake ruin your life. Hire a qualified DUI attorney in San Antonio to represent you. Get the best DUI defense today! Contact Law Office Of Jesse Hernandez to schedule a free consultation. Our attorney represents each client zealously and with a high degree of skill!

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