Three Things to Know if Arrested for Operating Under the Influence on a Boat in Louisiana

Operating Under Influence can have drastic consequences. The consequences extend beyond just a simple ticket, even when involving a boat. The issue can impact many parts of the arrested individual’s life, and it can have a long reach that goes far past just a few months. What should individuals in Louisiana know about Operating Under Influence on a boat? Are there things that can be done to mitigate the damage and move on past the mistake?

Penalties are Only the Beginning

An arrest in this capacity almost always includes some kind of penalty. The compensatory penalty is up to $1,000 in the state of Louisiana. This includes operating a boating vessel of any kind on the state’s waters while intoxicated. Owners are subject to any testing in this area if they decide to take to the waters. But, fines and penalties are only the beginning. A conviction can often lead to jail time.

Jail Time

An arrest on the water regarding OUI can lead to jail time. It is not uncommon for the situation to lead to both fines and jail time. The imprisonment standard is up to six months. If the situation is heavily leaning in this direction, contact a lawyer. It is absolutely essential, especially if work issues are involved, as penalties include revoked licensesĀ and more. Visit for more.

Boat Vessel Arrests Can Lead to Revoked Automobile Privileges

Despite popular belief, any incident on the water can lead to potential ramifications for driving privileges. In Louisiana, any intoxication arrest on the water can often lead to an automobile license suspension. It is also possible to get a license revoked indefinitely depending on the severity of the case. This is especially so when an individual was currently working on the water. This brings forth a whole mess of potential problems and liabilities, and it is the individual arrested who will be caught in the center of it all.

To further complicate matters, it is also possible to lose a job. If the arrested individual can’t work, there is no obligation for the employer to keep the team member. The bottom line is that an attorney is really necessary for this complex matter. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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