Three Questions to Ask Des Plaines Child Custody Attorneys

by | Sep 11, 2015 | Attorney

Most of the time hiring a lawyer is not about doing good research, or about asking around, it is about asking the right questions. The right questions can tell a person everything they need to know about a lawyer. The way the questions are answered gives a brief glance into the lawyer’s head, and the answers themselves, explain the quality of the professional.

Will the Attorney Go to Trial?
Almost no child custody cases ever make it to trial, and instead they are settled in a low-pressure situation. That does not mean that they never make it to trial though. The first thing to ask any child custody lawyer is if they will go to trial and what their fees are for such a thing. Only hire lawyers that will go to trial, all the rest will not help nearly enough.

Does the Attorney Specialize in Only Family Law?
When hiring Des Plaines child custody attorneys, it is important to ensure that the one chosen specializes only in family law. Find out if that is the only legal focus the attorney has, and if not move on to someone else. The only way to get a true expert is to find a lawyer that only specializes in family law and knows it incredibly well. Some lawyers will even specialize in just child custody, but this is relatively rare.

Does the Attorney Have the Necessary Resources to Offer Top Level Service?
Ask about equipment, supporting staff members and any resources at the lawyer’s disposal. Try to be very specific with the question to find out what the lawyer actually has available, and do not tie the question to the lawyer’s quality of service right away. By focusing on specific equipment, it is more likely that the lawyer will give specific answers rather than generalizations.

As each question is delivered to the lawyer, pay close attention to the way that the lawyer answers it. Honest lawyers will get right into the answer and provide specific details. Less honest lawyers will skirt around details and provide wide generalizations for some of the answers. While asking these questions also pay attention to whether the lawyer is comfortable to talk with or not, and whether the lawyer seems rushed or not.

After asking these simple questions, a bit more research can be performed on each of the lawyers under consideration. It should be a simple matter to decide on the Des Plaines child custody attorneys is the best option, after asking this small set of questions though, and that is why they are so useful to use.

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