The Wisdom of Hiring a Slip And Fall Attorney in Spokane, WA

by | May 6, 2015 | Attorney

Sustaining a fall at work or in a public place can lead to a serious injury. While there may quickly be an offer to settle, the best move is to hire a slip and fall attorney in Spokane WA, after seeing a doctor. Here are some reasons why this is the right thing to do.

Understanding the Scope of the Injury

It is not always easy to see the extent of the damage sustained in the fall. What may seem to be a minor issue could turn out to have major ramifications. By choosing to engage the services of a Slip And Fall Attorney in Spokane WA, it is easier to assess the data provided by a medical professional and determine what sort of impact the injury will have on the client. If the circumstances indicate that it could take some time to recover, and the injured party will have to be out of work, the attorney can seek damages that will alleviate the financial burden during that recuperative period.

Negotiating with the Defendant

It is important to note that some entities will not talk with someone injured in a fall until the victim has legal representation. At that point, negotiations become a real possibility. Thanks to the experience of the attorney, it will be much easier to arrive at a figure that is equitable and will prevent the injured party from having to deal with any financial hardship. In the best case scenario, the two sides can come to an agreement, and the matter never has to go to court.

Pleading the Case of the Client

If negotiations do fail, the next step is to follow through with the suit. Rest assured the attorney will use every legal means to ensure that the court hears all the facts surrounding the injury. This increases the odds of receiving a favorable judgment and being able to focus more on recovering from the accident.

For anyone who has sustained an injury due to a slip or fall, Visit Deissner Law Office today. After the initial consultation, it will be much easier to decide what needs to happen next.

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