The 3 Things Dog Bite Victims Forget That End Up Weakening Their Dog Bite Lawyer in Nassau County NY Case

It is easy to get frazzled when handling the aftermath of a dog bite. It is also easy to sit back and take no action after the bite occurs. If the injured is not incapacitating, a victim may just want to write the situation off. But, they may have medical expenses because of the dog bite. It is not their responsibility to pay for these costs. Even with a moderate bite, a Dog Bite Lawyer in Nassau County NY area should be contacted.

There are three things that weaken a potential case that many dog bite victims tend to forget. Perhaps they decide shortly after the incident to take action. If they miss these steps, they may have already made a potential lawsuit a lot more difficult.

1. Pictures and Records

Many dog bite victims may look at the type of dog that bit them, but they stop at that. They forget to get records and pictures of the whole situation. This will include a picture of the dog itself so it can be matched in presenting a case. This also includes pictures of the injury, and not just one. A picture should be taken every 24 hours and date stamped for extra authority.

2. A description of the event

Pictures act as nice physical evidence with a Dog Bite Lawyer if the case is ever brought to court. A written testimony can also be quite authoritative. That can include information such as where the incident occurred, the emotions felt in the immediate aftermath of the bite, what the dog was doing, and if the dog was leashed up.

3. A witness

A witness can be an invaluable tool during the event, but it may not always be possible. A person should never be fabricated into the scenario. But, it may be wise to get someone to witness the written description of the event. At the very least, the witness can attest to when the description was written. There will be no arguing if the description was written weeks after the bite or hours.

A Dog Bite Lawyer in Nassau County NY can make a good case with the above events having taken place. Write down what occurred as soon as realistically possible, and get a witness to see the writing taking place if no one else was present during the injury.
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