Steps in a Legal Case Involving Personal Injury in North Las Vegas, NV

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Lawyer

A lawyer providing representation to clients in the realm of Personal Injury in North Las Vegas NV moves through the process in specific steps, although those steps vary depending on the situation. Most cases are settled out of court, but the attorney will prepare for trial if that becomes necessary.


The first step usually is a free consultation, during which the attorney can make an initial evaluation as to whether providing legal counsel would be worthwhile to the prospective client. For instance, the insurance company may have made a settlement offer the lawyer understands is reasonable. There is no need for legal representation. In contrast, the insurer may have denied a valid claim to someone who suffered a serious Personal Injury in North Las Vegas NV because of another person’s negligence.

Settlement Demand or Lawsuit

In the event of claim denial or a settlement offer that is far too low, an attorney with a firm such as Isso & Hughes Law Firm may issue a settlement demand to the insurer. A specific amount is listed as well as details as to what the money is intended to address.

However, if the client has suffered an injury that will be permanently disabling, the lawyer is likely to file a lawsuit instead. Even though the case will probably be settled before trial, filing suit can convince the insurer to offer higher compensation to avoid the risk of dealing with a judge and jury. See visit website for contact information.

Negotiation and Mediation

There usually are attempts at negotiation to come to an agreement that is acceptable to both the injured person and the insurer. That is true whether a suit is filed or not. If a lawsuit is in process, discovery is completed, during which both sides send and request relevant documents from each other. Depositions are taken from witnesses as well as from the injured person and representatives of the defendant. If the injury occurred at a place of business, for instance, the defendant will want to explain why the company is not liable. If no agreement is reached, mediation sessions are scheduled. Usually, these sessions are successful and allow everyone to avoid trial.

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