Social Media Tips to Follow According to Truck Accident Injury Law in St. Peters MO

by | Oct 27, 2017 | Lawyer

Although Facebook and other sites are a great way to share experiences with friends, the things people post on social media can get them in trouble. It’s common for insurers, attorneys, and at-fault parties to check a claimant’s Facebook page without their permission or knowledge; therefore, victims should be more aware of what they’re posting. Below are several tips on safe social media use after a truck accident.

Consider Security Settings

After researching Truck Accident Injury Law in St. Peters MO, victims should set their security settings to the highest level possible. Even with this step, it’s best to assume that anything posted can be seen by the other party’s insurer or attorney. While it seems shady and unethical, opposing parties often use this information to undermine the validity of a victim’s personal injury claim.

Don’t Accept Friend Requests From Strangers

The other party’s insurer or lawyer may set up fake profiles as a way of obtaining information from claimants. It’s important not to accept friend requests from anyone one doesn’t know personally, but claimants should dig a bit deeper in every case. If there’s doubt, it’s best to ignore the request.

Don’t Talk About Pending Litigation

If a victim uses social media, they shouldn’t discuss the case online. Don’t answer any questions about the incident, the resulting injuries, or subsequent medical treatments. Above all, don’t disclose communications about Truck Accident Injury Law in St. Peters MO, because that may strip the protections afforded by attorney/client privilege.

Use Photos Wisely

Many people post photos on social media as a way to stay connected with friends and family. However, pictures of fun moments don’t do much to show an accident victim’s discomfort and physical limitations. Defense lawyers and insurers may use these posts to argue that a person’s injuries aren’t as serious as claimed. No matter how tempting it may be, victims should refrain from posting special-occasion photos on social media after an accident.

Call an Experienced Lawyer

Area attorneys have seen a substantial increase in the amount of surveillance done by investigators, insurers, and defense teams in the past few years. If these parties find anything that contradicts a victim’s claim, they’re sure to use it in court. If someone is hurt in a trucking accident, they should have an experienced lawyer on their side as well. Browse Our Website for more details or call today to set up a free consultation.

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