Should You Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Tucson?

If you received injuries because of someone else’s negligence or carelessness, you should contact a personal injury lawyer in Tucson. A victim of someone else’s negligent act could be entitled to receive financial compensation for their injuries. Negotiating any type of settlement alone could result in a poor result like a low amount and frustration trying to get the insurance company to see your side of the story.

A personal injury lawyer has the experience a victim needs to receive the best settlement possible for their case. The victim should never agree to settle a case until they have completed all of their medical treatment. Once a settlement is signed, the victim cannot receive any additional compensation from the negligent party.

What Should an Individual Do After an Accident?

It’s important that a victim never accepts blame for an accident to the police, the other driver, or witnesses to the accident. Anything they say at the scene of an accident could be documented and used against them at a later date. They should exchange their information with the other driver if they’re able to and seek medical treatment immediately.

When Should a Personal Injury Lawyer Be Called?

After a victim has been treated by a doctor, they should try to contact an attorney. Victims need to focus on themselves and healing from their injuries. A victim shouldn’t be harassed by the insurance company with numerous telephone calls and questions.

Free Consultation and Fees

A personal injury lawyer in Tucson offers a free consultation for accident victims to discuss the circumstances surrounding their case. It will give the victim the opportunity to receive the legal knowledge they need about their case. A personal injury lawyer will not charge a fee for their services and will only receive compensation if they win a settlement for the victim.

Recovering from injuries you received in an automobile accident can take weeks, months, or years. Early medical intervention and following the prescribed treatment will improve your chances for a full recovery. For more information about legal representation for your case, please contact PRICE & PRICE Law.

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