Reviewing Social Security Disability Law in Tulsa, OK

by | May 23, 2016 | Attorney

In Oklahoma, disability claimants may face difficulties when attempting to acquire social security benefits. According to statistics, the first application is typically denied. This tactic is often used to discourage individuals from seeking benefits. Attorneys can utilize Social Security disability law in Tulsa, OK to help these claimants acquire benefits today.

Understanding Eligible Conditions

Under applicable laws, an eligible condition is defined as one that prevents the claimant from working. It may be mental or physical in nature. It must cause debilitating symptoms that stop the individual from working in any industry. If the individual worked previously, they cannot acquire benefits only if they cannot work in their preferred industry.

Documentation for the Condition

The Social Security Administration requires documentation for this condition. The medical records must show a starting date for the condition and present details about how it affects the individual. The doctor who provides treatment for the condition must detail the condition in the medical records. They must present information about the symptoms and how they prevent the individual from acquiring employment. The details of the treatment provided must be included.

The Medical Assessment

All applicants who file a claim for disability benefits must complete a medical assessments. The Social Security Administration sets up these appointments for the claimant. They must visit a medical doctor to complete a physical assessment and a psychiatrist to determine if the claimant suffers from a mental condition.

Filing a Legal Claim with Further Evidence

If the claimant is denied benefits, they must follow the appeal’s process or file a lawsuit. If they file a lawsuit, they need additional medical evidence that discredits the SSA’s assessment. The information must show that the claimant cannot work under any circumstances. If they worked previously, they need to show proof of attempts to become employed in other industries.

In Oklahoma, disability claims are often denied due to a lack of information. Additionally, the doctors that the claimant may visit as directed by the SSA could lack the credentials to diagnose the condition. These factors could present the claimant with the opportunity to file a lawsuit. Claimants who need help with Social Security disability law in Tulsa, OK should visit for further information now.

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