Reporting An Attack Through A Dog Bite Injury Lawyer In Orange County CA

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The state of California enforces laws associated with dog attacks and bites. All pet owners are deemed strictly liable in the event that their pet bites another individual. The only exception to this ruling is the circumstance in which the dog was antagonized or abused by the victim. The pet owner must present clear evidence of these circumstances; otherwise, the dog could be classified as dangerous.

Prior Occurrences and Dangerous Animals

The law deems pet owners negligent when they retain possession of any dog that has been otherwise deemed a risk to the public. Harboring dangerous animals is a criminal infraction in California and is punishable through criminal law. Additionally, any victim who sustains injuries due to the presence of the animal within the identified area has the right to sue for damages. These damages could include the cost of medical attention and tort rulings such as pain and suffering. Victims attacked by known dangerous animals should contact a dog bite injury lawyer in Orange County, CA.

Starting the Process

The first step for dog bite victims is to seek medical attention. As the medical staff collects information about the attack, they file a report with the county animal control officer. The first concern is to determine if the dog has been vaccinated for rabies.

Quarantine and Evaluation of the Animal

The animal control officer notifies the pet owner about this occurrence and requests information about the animal’s vaccination records. In most cases, the dog must be placed in quarantine to allow a licensed veterinarian to determine if the animal poses a risk to the public. Typically, the quarantine period is up to twelve days. Any dog that isn’t vaccinated for rabies may be required to remain in quarantine for a longer duration. If the dog shows signs of rabies at any time, executive action by the county is taken, indicating that the dog is put to sleep.

Victims of dog attacks should acquire in-depth medical records to show the severity of their injuries when filing a claim. In some cases, the pet owner could opt to settle outside of court and file a claim through their homeowner’s insurance policy. When a settlement isn’t possible, victims can turn to a specialized Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Orange County, CA, available through ALL Trial Lawyers, for expert assistance in navigating the legal process and pursuing rightful compensation.

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