Reasons Not To Feel Embarrassed About Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits

When injured people feel too embarrassed to file for Social Security disability benefits, that is to their detriment. They may feel like disability payments are viewed as welfare or charity, and they are embarrassed because they’ve always been able to earn a living. These individuals must consider how much they have paid into the Social Security system through taxes. Now that they need to take some of that money out of the system, they should view this as their right to do so; after all, they’ve been contributing for years.

In addition, nobody lives the high life trying to make it on Social Security Disability payments. The average annual benefit is only about $12,000. That amount may help individuals who are temporarily or permanently disabled pay the rent or mortgage and the other most crucial bills, but it won’t allow them to buy a brand new car or take a vacation on a cruise ship.

An attorney such as Sara J. Frankel at Law Offices, PC is ready to answer questions from people considering applying for these benefits. There’s no obligation to hire the lawyer or to apply for disability payments after the consultation. If a person does decide to apply, having a lawyer assist with the forms can be helpful. Most initial claims are denied, often due to errors or missing information in the application.

In fact, this is a third reason to not be embarrassed about filing for Social Security disability. The application process is rigorous and the administration is very strict in regard to who is approved. It’s not easy for anyone to fake a disability when applying for assistance with this government organization and get away with it. In addition, the applicant must be expected to be disabled for at least one year to qualify. That information must be verified by a physician.

Many people don’t continue receiving these benefits for a lifetime. Instead, they eventually pursue employment after they have recovered to a certain level of physical ability in order to start generating income again. They might start a business instead of continuing to receive disability benefits. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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