Keep Meticulous Records When Dealing with a Lemon Car in Ohio

by | Mar 30, 2022 | Lawyers

You did all your research before visiting a car dealership and buying your current vehicle. You thought you checked all the boxes when doing the test drive. However, ever since you drove it off the lot, you have been dealing with one repair after another. You may be wondering if you got a lemon.

As soon as you have this concern, it is important for you to gather all the records you have and keep meticulous notes moving forward. You will need to hold onto correspondence with the dealer, automaker, and mechanic. You should have all the receipts and work orders related to repairs. These records will be important when an Ohio Lemon Law attorney looks at your situation and helps you determine if you have a case.

You also need to write out a timeline. Your Ohio Lemon Law attorney will look at when you purchased the vehicle, how many repairs have had to be done, how long it has taken for these repairs to be done, and other factors when determining if it is worth pursuing a claim against the dealer or automaker.

The good news is that there are federal and state laws in place to protect individuals who have bought effective vehicles and consumer products. Your attorney will help you file claims on time and provide other information to help protect your rights.

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