Identifying The Exact Charges With Sexual Assault Lawyers

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Lawyers

True victims of sexual assault are changed forever as the infraction alters every day of their lives due to devastating trauma. For individuals who are accused of the infraction falsely, it affects their ability to acquire work and establish romantic relationships in the future. All individuals convicted of a sexually-based offense is required to register as a convicted sex offender. Sexual assault lawyers are available in Kansas to combat the effects of a conviction.

Defining Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is defined by non-consensual touching of a sexual nature. This infraction applies to victims who are at least sixteen years of age and it is defined by an intent to promote self-arousal or coerce or threaten the victim into participating in sexual acts. Non-sexual touching that offends the victim could also fall under this criminal infraction. The penalty for the infraction begins with a one-year prison sentence plus fines that could equate to $2,500.

What Is Aggravated Sexual Assault?

Aggravated sexual assault is considered any form of sexual assault that doesn’t involve penetration and meets specific criteria. The criteria includes overpowering the victim forcibly, when the victim is unconscious or in a state of helplessness, or the presence of a mental illness. This includes but isn’t limited to victims who were drugged or too intoxicated to provide consent. The penalty includes eleven and one-half years in prison.

What Constitutes Rape?

Rape is classified as forcible intercourse. This infraction applies to victims of any age and it includes intercourse in which the victim was unable to provide consent due to intoxication, the presence of narcotics, mental capacity, or age. The detection of date-rape drugs in the victim’s bloodstream also constitutes rape. The penalty for this infraction equates up to fifty-four years in prison.

The impact of a conviction for a sexually-based crime has devastating results that include an inability to acquire gainful employment in specific industries. They could also affect where the individual is allowed to live based on the infraction for which they were convicted. Individuals looking for a defense for their charges should hire sexual assault lawyers by contacting You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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