How You Can Protect the Future of Your Family by Consulting with an Attorney

Nobody ever wants to think about their death, especially at an early age. People want to feel they have plenty of time to plan for their future. Nevertheless, people fall ill to terminal diseases and accidents do occur that can result in their untimely death. Making it important to plan for the unexpected and consult with a planning attorney in Connecticut to prepare their estate. Estate planning allows the individual to gather information on their assets and discuss with a lawyer on how they want the property distributed after they have passed away.

Top Reasons for Estate Planning

  • If the final wishes of the individual are not legally documented, the estate will fall into probate court where it will be distributed according to the law. This can be a time-consuming process and a majority of the estate will pay for legal fees.
  • Minimizes the risk of family members disputing who will receive specific property by naming the beneficiaries.
  • A planning attorney in Connecticut can establish trust funds for minor children to ensure they are financially cared for if one or both their parents pass away.
  • A lawyer can provide the legal advice required that establish the property and how the taxes will be paid without taking a portion of the beneficiary’s inheritance.
  • A primary reason to plan an estate, the individual will gain peace of mind knowing their family future is secure after the person passes away.

Lessen the Burden on Your Family by Contacting a Trusted Law Firm Today

When a loved one passes away, it is an emotional time for their family member. By preparing your estate, you are providing them with the opportunity to grieve while all legal matters are handled by an attorney. Cummings & Lockwood LLC offers the services and legal advice required to ensure your family’s future is protected.

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