How to Tell if An Auto Accident Lawyer in Kankakee is Needed

by | Dec 7, 2015 | Lawyers and Law Firms

When a person is the victim of a car accident, they have a few options for how they can handle the case. Of course, it’s always a good idea to be checked out by a medical professional immediately after an accident and receive help for any injuries sustained before thinking about the next course of action. Once they have received medical care and were on the way to recovery, they can consider their options.

The first option is to contact the insurance company for the at-fault driver and submit a claim. Typically, the insurance company will assess the situation and determine whether they are willing to offer a settlement and, if so, how much they will offer. For many cases, this is all the person needs to do, and their expenses will be covered. If they were seriously injured and the settlement offer will not cover all of their expenses, or the insurance company denies the claim, the next step is to speak with a lawyer.

The person can speak with an Auto Accident Lawyer in Kankakee to obtain help negotiating a settlement with the insurance company. The majority of cases that reach this step are settled through the negotiations, and the lawyer will ensure the person obtains an adequate amount of compensation to cover all accident-related expenses including their legal bills. If this doesn’t work, however, the next option is to go to court.

Going to court for a settlement does occur but, most of the time, lawyers and insurance agents will try to avoid this as it takes longer and is far more expensive than negotiations. If the case does go to court, the insurance company and lawyer will both discuss their viewpoint in front of a judge. The judge then determines the amount of a settlement, if any.

When a person has been in an accident, and they aren’t sure what to do next, they can always contact an Auto Accident Lawyer in Kankakee for advice. Most of the time, it’s easy enough to settle with the insurance company but, when it’s not, the person will be glad to have a lawyer on their side. Anyone who is interested in learning more can click here to get additional info.

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