How to Receive Timely Compensation After Drunk Driving Accidents in Towson

by | May 8, 2018 | Legal

Drunk driving is a serious crime that can lead to injuries and even death, so it makes sense that those convicted of this crime often face jail time, especially if they have injured or killed another driver, passenger or pedestrian. Unfortunately, though, the precedence of criminal trials over personal injury cases can make it difficult for victims injured in drunk driving accidents in Towson to get the compensation they need to receive care and move on with their lives. Hiring a lawyer can help to mitigate these delays in a variety of ways.

Monitoring Progress

Personal injury lawyers can monitor the progress of criminal cases against the parties liable for their clients’ injuries. While they do this, they can also help to expedite their clients’ civil suits by working to obtain field sobriety test results and other evidence that can establish liability in civil court as well.

Seek Restitution During Sentencing

While most victims of drunk driving accidents in Towson will need to file civil suits if they want to get the compensation they need and deserve, it is possible for them to seek restitution during the sentencing phase of a criminal case as well. Once the defendant has been convicted, a personal injury lawyer can help make the necessary arrangements to help their clients seek restitution.

Evidence of Liability

If the liable party admits guilt during their criminal case, this can be used in civil court as evidence of liability. It’s also possible for a lawyer to coordinate their client’s civil case with the outcome of the criminal proceedings.

Pursue a Claim

While personal injury claims against drunk drivers often get put off due to the convicted offender’s sentencing, it is still possible for victims to seek compensation from the offender’s insurance policy. In fact, the state of Maryland actually prohibits insurance carriers from denying victims’ claims when drunk driving is involved.

Get Help Now

The best way to ensure timely and sufficient compensation after becoming injured in a drunk driving accident is to find a lawyer immediately. Visit to learn about one law firm that can help accident victims get the compensation they need and deserve.

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